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Drawing inspiration from the Effortlessly Chic modern lifestyle Mission Ambition Lifestyler bag was created. With the focus on quality, comfort and timeless design, Lifestyler was designed to become a "must have" in any situation: travelling, sports, shopping. 

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Take your Lifestyler as a hand luggage or stylish work companion for your laptop and other essentials. Mission Ambition Lifestyler is for you who is active, ambitious and on a mission to your best lifestyle.


People stop me on the street to ask where I got my bag from! I have one in light grey and I'm looking to get another one in purple to match with different outfits. It's just perfect! I take it to gym, shopping and travelling...

Alice, Entrepreneur

I am so happy with my new Mission Ambition bag! It's a perfect tote bag for every occasion. It's light, spacious and super comfortable. Feels so soft! Great quality bag for a busy woman.

Sidney, Fashion blogger

I simply love the brand and what is stands for. Created for women who are going for what they what in life! I wear my black Lifestyler all the time now. So stylish yet practical. All my styling clients are crazy about it. 

Kate, Stylist